My latest book of poetry Topology as Monochrome will be published by Gutslut Press at the beginning of next month.

However you can pre-order the book now and receive a discount!

You can pre-order a print copy here.

Or a digital copy here.

Topology as Monochrome, like much of Nathan Anderson’s work, engages with the poetic form itself; the shifting landscape of the page provoking the reader’s eye and forcing us to think beyond the traditional confines of poetry. Anderson’s poetry allows the reader space for wandering and contemplation, while lending itself to repeated readings. Topology as Monochrome is both a visual and a verbal feast moving between dense imagery and playful layout. Anderson’s book is an exciting and inspiring voyage through the possibilities of radical form. I find myself consistently surprised, delighted, and provoked by Anderson’s writing. I’m never bored by his work and Topology as Monochrome is no exception. Nathan Anderson is a poet worth following closely and devouring each new work with awe and joy. Topology as Monochrome is an excellent foray into Nathan Anderson’s inventiveness, playfulness, and commitment to expanding and engaging with poetry and all its diverse possibilities.”

– Joshua Martin


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