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Review of The Screaming Paper by Lachlan J McDougall

Review of The Mountain + The Cave by Lachlan J McDougall

Review of Deconstruction of a Symptom by Lachlan J McDougall

Review: Hotel Eternity by Rus Khomutoff

Review of Mexico Honey by Lachlan J McDougall

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Poetry Mini Interview

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Review: Shadow Beings by Rose Knapp

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‘Experimental’, ‘Innovative’, ‘Avant Garde?’

The expectations of reading

The Irresistible Empire of the Unseen

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Mexico Honey

Eyes over Christmas (an excerpt from The Screaming Paper)

Poetic Responses

Horse by Ania Walwicz

Eruditio ex Memoria by Bernadette Mayer

The Fall by Albert Camus

Border Districts by Gerald Murnane

…And Egypt is the River by Michael S. Judge

Vessel by Brett Gallagher

Who Is There by Adrian Kien

This Mutilated Woman’s Head by Aurora Linnea

Threnodies by Joel Chace

The Last Man by Maurice Blanchot

Ceremony Latin by Bernadette Mayer

Three Works by Charles Bernstein

Circle of Dogs by Amandine Andre

Eclat by Caroline Bergvall

Tarantula by Bob Dylan

Apart From by M. Kitchell

Conversations about Withering by Cristina Sanchez Lopez & Aryanil Mukherjee

Cinema Television Passion by M. Kitchell

We Are All Around Us by Amy King

Utopia by Bernadette Mayer

THE_CITY Battery: a Neurological Evaluation of THE_CITY by Erik Belgum

Horatio Alger’s Keys by Alan Ramon Clinton

Libretto from White Dialect Poetry by Bruce Andrews