On surrealistic journey, exploration. Gazing at the face and inverse of this endless topology. Brought gently, so invited, into this form of gallery. Walking, wandering from this one across the white space to this other, then this other, then this other. No guide but arbitrary border. With different shape comes different walking, different gait, different gazing, different thinking. Is this out amongst the edges? In amongst the core? A shape but what of shape? Spoken ‘Contortionist convalescence/Convex Pauline pantheist’, spat, ‘Psychedelic panopticon.’ No, not spat, spoken, spoken quickly, suddenly.

Sharpening the language through loosening, through slackening then bringing back, retying. Reconstituted as a whole. Seeing how far the ‘O’ will stretch, ‘Ophelia opalescent Oppenheimers’, seeing how far the ‘A’ will stretch ‘Automatic automatism/Autogenesis autotroph.’ Seeing how far the word leading word leading word will stretch.

The fun of play, this stretching play ‘Sexy as fuck secularists’. Rolling from the tongue to lips, from mind and back to mind. This intuitive dérive collapsing back to concentrated in the Metamodernist Gnostic Verses. But only briefly, only briefly. Flung back out within the white and everything and everything.

As word slips out and glides from mind to find in separate structure. Finding Techno Schizoaffective to Devilesque Lambic over ‘Devilesque.’ From Latin form to finding now in present tense. To find myself in pop and strobe and light within the inner eye. Finding now in newer and in older, older, older.

And find the eye in gliding into something nondescript ‘A Chimerical cosmological alchemist.’ A speech that carries on it waves of shadows building out of walls and windows. Found in opening to speak of changing category ‘Reconstructed deconstructed club.’ Said as ‘Shadow Beings’ but could well be, to me, something or something else or something else.

Expanding or collapsing this topology. How many these dimensions? Ten? One thousand? Endless, endless, endless? As changing, altering, in the shape this changes, alters, the body, the self, the self as body, the self as universe, the self as multiverse. A language over language over language. Again to look within the face and inverse. Finding now not void but endless shape.

Title: Shadow Beings
Author: Rose Knapp
Publisher: Beir Bua Press

Purchase a copy here.

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